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25 Years of Unforgettable Music: Crafting Timeless Tracks with Passion

We absolutely love making music that connects with people all over the world. With our crew of skilled pros, we’ve been collaborating with talented artists for a quarter of a century, crafting tracks that will stick with you for years. We’re all about creating unforgettable tunes that stand strong over time. So if you’re looking for top-quality music, we’ve got you covered.

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November 19, 2023

Morrow, GA

Performing Live - CAR & BIKE MEET BY DJ ACE

November 22, 2023

Decatur, GA

Performing Live - 5K Lounge 5000 SNAPFINGER WOODS RD

Jan 2024

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Black Mask Records, which was founded by Timothy Green

(originally from Trenton NJ, and relocated to the Metro Atlanta GA area)

has been a staple in the East Coast Hip Hop community for years.

Green is the driving force behind the Black $Millionaires Music movement, destined to make its mark in the music Industry. Black Mask's artists have performed in venues throughout the east coast, and has partnered with, and made regular appearances on local radio shows.

Meet the artists and discover the music behind the Black $Millionaires Music Movement.


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Timothy "Sice The Preacher" Williams, the artist and producer of Black Mask Records, grew up in Trenton, New Jersey, and later moved to Mt. Holly with his mother. Early in life, he was drawn to music and began expressing himself through poetry, which evolved into rhythm and rhymes. In high school, Sice's passion for music led him to become a DJ, known as Dj Precise, where he built a reputation by playing at house parties across New Jersey. His love for music soon shifted from spinning records to creating his own lyrics. He first formed the group "Verbal Terrorist" with his cousins, but after realizing their different levels of commitment and facing life's hurdles, the group disbanded. Sice continued his musical journey, teaming up with Valon "Fatboi" Warren to form "Leadin The Blind" and later joining forces with friends to create the supergroup "Heart Of The City." They gained recognition for their hard beats and sharp lyrics, performing shows along the East Coast. However, like many bands, they eventually parted ways due to creative differences.

Sice's solo career took a new turn when he started Black Mask Records with his father, focusing on production and the business aspect of music. Collaborating regularly with label mate T-Ease, Sice leveraged his group experiences to explore new musical horizons. In 2010, Black Mask Records released the mixtape compilation "Everybody Wears a Mask Vol.1," featuring various artists. Currently, Sice is preparing to release his first solo mixtape/EP "Left Me No Choice Vol.1," which promises a mix of different producers and artists, staying true to his roots of pure and reality-based music. In his own words, "Ima be me Today, Tomorrow, and Forever."



Travis Eason, hailing from Freeport, Long Island, New York, embarked on his musical journey influenced by iconic artists like Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, and Nas. His passion for music was also kindled by his father, a DJ for 'Son of Bezerk,' who toured the world in the music scene. At the young age of 13, Travis, known as T-Ea$e, realized his aspiration to become a rapper. He began crafting raps in school and continued honing his skills with friends, eventually recording tracks in the studio.

In 2006, Travis moved to Atlanta where he connected with Timothy Williams (SICE) and Timothy Green (CEO), joining the BlackMaskRecords movement. This collaboration led to numerous song recordings and the release of a mixtape, "Everybody Wears a Mask Vol.1," featuring a diverse range of artists and sounds. Currently, Travis is working on another mixtape titled "DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS VOL 1" with his label mate SICE, set for release soon. Additionally, he is eagerly preparing for the launch of his own highly anticipated mixtape, "TOTAL PACKAGE."

OTHER Services


Welcome to our Studio Sessions, where magic happens and musics comes to life! We’re all about bringing your musical vision to reality by providing the ultimate recording experience. With over 25 years of experience under our belts, we’ve honed our skills and perfected our craft to help artists like you create top-quality music that hits all the right notes.


Music production is where the magic happens! We take raw talent and turn it into gold. From recording and mixing to adding those special touches that make a song come alive, our expertise in music production ensures that every track we work on is a masterpiece.

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Collaborative Creativity is our secret sauce for creating mind-blowing music. We love bouncing ideas off each other, vibing together, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to craft unique and unforgettable tracks that will have you dancing out of your seat.

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